Homeless Cat Management Team and Pittsburgh C.A.T

Winnie is a shy, gentle 2 year old girl who was initially found abandoned with her 2 sisters and 14 babies. She was an excellent mother and aunt. Her sisters and the babies have found homes, but her shyness made it difficult for Winnie to go into a cage at a store, so she's been in foster homes instead.

Winnie loves to be petted and has a wonderful loud purr. She will snuggle in tightly when held and make biscuits on your arm. She's quite talkative and will answer as long as you keep talking to her. She's not the kind of cat who'll be in your face all the time -- she's happy curled up for a nap on the chair -- but she really enjoys attention and will ask for it when she likes it. She loves her cat tree and likes to curl up inside the attached hut.

Winnie gets along fine with other friendly cats. She adores older children but is very fearful of young children. Winnie is best suited for a calm, loving home, where she'll be a wonderful companion.

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